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MenUncensored Is An Adult Male Only Site!


You must be 18 years of age or older to enter and use this site Be advised this site is for Gay & Bisexual Men Only! (At some point there could also be a GirlUncensored or something like that)

There are no censors here! You understand that by entering and using this site you may see photos and videos that might not suit your particular taste. You may see sexual acts in photos and videos. Users might just ask you to get it on with them in video chat, don't be rude if you are not interested just say no!

You agree that you will not post anything known to be illegal such as child pornography, sexual acts with animals, copyrighted software, studio films, etc. By entering / using this site you are agreeing that you are indeed of age.

You may not create posts for selling photos, videos, live sex shows, or ads for escorting in exchange for money or drugs.

You understand that any user reported for being under age will be reviewed and age verification will be requested. If found to be underage you will be immediately removed and banned from future use.

Violating any of these terms of use or other policies may result in removal and banning from the site.

Conduct Policy:

On our site please remember we do not harass, threaten, or belittle other users.
Any user who harasses others is subject to removal and banning from the site.

Hate Speech:
MenUncensored is meant to be an open and uncensored place for users to express themselves without judgement, and break free of the censorship of common social media sites. That being said, freedom of speech only goes so far. Any user posting racist, homophobic, islamophobic, or slanderous content or remarks will be removed from our site.

We respect each other's boundaries, when it comes to their preferences, style, relationship status, etc. Don't assume that someone chatting with you means they're interested in hooking up, or looking. Many users are just being social. Don't become irate, or rude to users if they say they're not interested. remember boundaries & respect.

Any user who violates posting policy by posting child pornography, beastiality, or full length studio films is subject to immediate removal and banning from the site. In the event of child pornography MenUncensored will also contact law enforcement and provide both user and post content and info of the violating user as required by United Stated Federal Law!

You may not create posts for selling photos, videos, live sex shows, or ads for escorting in exchange for money or drugs.

Group Posting:
Please adhere to the group creators policy regarding what can and cannot be posted in their group.
Site plicies still apply.

You may additionally create your own groups whether public or private but please be sure to note your group's rules.
Site policies still apply.

All users are free to chat with one another but be aware that harassment in chat is still harassment and you will be subject to removal and banning if you are reported for this. Have a little class during chat, Don't just ping a user with a dick pic! If you want to share it offer to!

Account Pruning (Maintenance):

Users who have not logged in for a period of 90 days will be automatically removed from the site.

Profile Photo:
As of February 1, 2019 all users on the site are required to post a profile photo within 14 days of joining, failure to do so will result in automatic removal during maintenance.

Privacy Disclosure:

We use SSL encryption for all communication to and from the site. 

Your privacy is protected!
We will not share or sell your personal information at any time without express permission from you. In terms of permission in the event that a promotion is running which may require your details you will be given the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out before any such sharing happens.

In the event of law enforcement, we may be required to provide a users information without any notification to the user when furnished with a court order or warrant. We will fully comply with any such order.

Reporting & Review Policy:

All users are encouraged to report any form of harassment from another user, policy violating posts. (This is a hate-free zone)

Frequent reporters beware: 
All reported posts or users are reviewed! If you are frequently reporting users or posts, and review finds that no policy has been broken you may find yourself removed from the site after being given only 1 warning.

All reported users and posts are reviewed for policy violation, no user is ever automatically banned! A complete review of chat conversation (copied and posted into the report) and of the post(s) will be conducted.

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